Join us on Monday, June 10th and earn 2 hours of CE with our class titled “What’s in Your Workfile?” Our instructor for this class is AJ Jackson.
Record keeping is an important cornerstone of any real estate appraisal practice, yet it can be ambiguous and is often neglected by many appraisers. Even the most experienced appraisers may ask:
• Why do I need to keep a workfile?
• When do I have to start a workfile?
• Do I have to keep anything more than MLS listings and a copy of my report in a workfile?
• What’s the best way to collect records?
• Is it better to keep records on a storage device or in the cloud?
• How long should records be kept?
This course offers answers to these questions, suggests strategies and practical applications for reliable record keeping, and provides a clear action plan for immediate implementation. Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped to recognize a variety of records to be collected and produced with virtually every assignment. Record keeping skills will be inspired by a better understanding of what constitutes a record and the important role of each record in relation to USPAP compliance, conformity to client expectations, and dispute resolution. The goal of this course is to stimulate your confidence and competency with the fundamental requirements of appraisal record keeping.
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