Employment Opportunities

NCAREA will update the list of trainees each month in the effort to support the appraisal profession in bringing together appraisers looking for a trainee, and trainees looking for a mentor.

If you know of anyone wanting a mentor or a ride along with an appraiser, contact membershipchair@NCAREA.org

Joshua Planchard
Phone: 720-840-8458
Email: joshuaplanchard@yahoo.com
City: Broomfield

Hello, my name is Joshua Planchard. I am currently a service elevator mechanic and have extensive experience in site management. I’m making a shift in careers to become a respected home appraiser. I know the ins and outs of Colorado being a native, and have aptitude and skill from my previous mechanical roles to bring to the table. To name a few, I have completed the International Union of Elevator Constructors education covering extensive electrical and mechanical concepts along with 5 plus years as an active elevator mechanic. Prior to this venture, I spent 5 years in oil production and location site management was my niche. My previous work experience and expertise can guarantee my attention to detail and understanding of structure and electrical within home appraisals. Though I am working more than 40 hours a week and taking pride in being a husband and a father, completion of the applicable trainee hours is slated to be done by the end of April. On my way to job sites, I listen to the appraisal courses lessons and complete quizzes and tests at break time. I’m not afraid to work and I’m ready to learn and will bring something new and helpful to the appraising profession.

Amanda Romero Freeman
Phone: 970-412-4574
Email: aromer25@hotmail.com

Experienced Real Estate Agent who is excited to begin a new career as a General Appraiser. I recently completed and excelled in my General Appraisal courses through McKissock.

I’m fluent in Spanish and English, thorough, consistent, and have strong communication skills. Being a spouse of a former service member I have worked all over the country and have had to adapt quickly to different markets, environments and cultures. I strive to go above and beyond for my clients, work well as part of a team or individually, responsible/reliable person.

I understand the demand for Appraisers in Colorado is high. As a trainee my goal is to become an asset to the company by assisting in administrative duties, such as: conduct research, report writing and anything else may be needed.
Steven Blickenstaff
Phone: 719-201-6313
Email: Steven@jillianproperties.com
City: Arvada
Hello, thank you for reading my bio! My name is Steven and I was born in California but moved to Colorado when I was a 1 year old. I grew up in Colorado Springs. I have now lived in the Denver area for about 10 years. I am currently a full time Firefighter, it has been a great career that has instilled in me; a strong work ethic, a good moral compass, and how to function with little sleep!  I am married and have a beautiful baby girl. I am also an active Realtor, I have been doing real estate for almost 5 years. I have been looking into transitioning into doing appraisals for a while and finally pulled the trigger on starting my 150 hour class. I am excited to find a mentor that can help me earn my experience hours and bring me closer to becoming certified!

Molly Kerns
Phone: 303-480-2138
Email: mollytkerns@gmail.com

Gratitude, appreciation, and consistency is what I would like to provide you in return for your valuable time and mentorship.  I am an already established Denver professional who is a fast learner, highly educated, and motivated. On a personal note, I am also kind, funny, and a pleasure to work with.  I strangely look forward to starting at the bottom and learning my way up, and appreciate the opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of the field, from a seasoned veteran.  I have completed all my online courses and tests, and am ready to jump on an opportunity to learn from an expert.

Professionally, I have 20+ years of work experience including experience in real estate, rental property management, event space leasing and event planning, and most recently I run an independent educational business in partnership with Denver Public Schools. I have a bachelors in Sociology and a Masters in Education.

I  am hungry for the opportunity to be a trainee to an experienced appraiser like you, and get my foot in the door.  I strive to make your life easier, and be additive to your efficiency.


Kenneth O’Brien
Phone: 719-641-2217
Email: Koobrien@yahoo.com
City: Fort Collins/Windsor

I am seeking mentorship to fulfill the state requirements of 1,000 hours of appraisal experience. I have completed the 150 hours McKissock course. Over my lifetime I have bought and sold multiple homes and have discovered an interest in real estate.

I have spent my entire career in management in the Semiconductor/Microelectronics industry. I currently work a compressed work week which allows me to have three-four days off per week. I anticipate retirement within the next few months and would like to reestablish myself as a Real Estate Appraiser in Northern Colorado. I have previous experience as a Licensed Appraiser in Colorado Springs in the early 2000’s. In 2005 I relocated to Texas where my job was very demanding therefore, my license expired.

I attended Eastern Kentucky University on a football scholarship where I received a BS in Industrial Engineering and a BBA in Business Administration.

I am highly motivated and detail oriented; with my previous experience I feel that I will be a valuable addition to any team serving Northern Colorado. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Derek Griffith

Phone: 303-870-5706
City: Castle Rock
My name is Derek Griffith and I am looking for a mentor in Residential Appraising.  I have completed 150 hours of course work and have all of the certificates that Colorado requires. My previous employment for the past 15 years was a NEBB certified Test and Balancer, which means I tested HVAC equipment and quantified air and water flows in commercial buildings.  The job also required for me to calculate areas, volumes, relative humidity, and air changes per hour in pressure dependent rooms such as Operating room and hazardous material rooms.  Along with quantifying and balancing volumes, I had to identify various problems and solve them in order for these buildings to open on time, and without compromising the integrity of the report I issued.  My job depended on writing detailed reports on the data I collected without bias and any misleading information, which was especially critical in hospitals.  I would appreciate the opportunity to expand on the skills I have learned in the commercial industry and move them into the residential field.

Jacquelyn (Jaci) Sharpe
Phone: 719.649.0600
Email: jsjsharpe8@gmail.com
City: Colorado Springs

Over the past decade, I graduated with my Bachelor, including a year of study abroad at the
Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, and gained professional experience working with
AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union and Ent Credit Union. I also bring experience as an Executive
Assistant to the Chief Development Officer for the Navigators, as a Chiropractic Assistant, and as a
Post Office employee. These working environments helped mature my professionalism and
introduced me to a variety of software.

After the pandemic relocated me from WA back to CO, I utilized the Career Center at UCCS to
reexamine my career path and this is how I discovered Appraisal was one of the top three career
picks recommended to me. Immediately, I began pursuing education through McKissock.
In order to learn more and network with other professionals in the Appraisal discipline, through
the past year I joined the Colorado Association of Real Estate Professionals (CAREA) as well as

On a personal note, I enjoy walking and hiking with family and friends, taking weekend wine tour
getaways with friends, housesitting, cooking and baking, and spending time as a volunteer with my
“Generational Modeling little sister.”

Bob Allison
Email: bob@saladarity-denver.com
City: Littleton

If someone is kind enough to give me an opportunity as a Trainee, I can offer the following:

I can support myself while learning.  My research tells me that the first 25 or so appraisals take a lot more time for the mentor before the mentee adds any value or time-saving.  I am willing to continue to work for free until the Mentor determines that I am of value.  I will carry my own errors and omissions insurance and name the Mentor as co-insured.  I am not a “job-hopper” and will stay the course.

I spent thirty-plus years in the restaurant industry with growing companies.  The last 20, I was COO of Dick’s Last Resort in of Dallas for Fourteen of those years, then HUSA Inc in Houston, TX, operators of Sherlock’s and Baker Street Pubs for six years. During those years, I helped design and oversee the construction of 30 restaurants and bars.  I can read and interpret plans, and I have two years of drafting education.

Then I did 7 years of Management Recruiting for Hospitality Pro Search.  I decided to move to Denver area to be near grandchildren and looked for a franchise to buy. I bought a Green Fine Salad Co franchise and was located 17th and California for six years until COVID.  I closed on March 13, 2020.  I will not be able to reopen the restaurant, nor do I wish to do that anymore.

Along the way, I bought and sold 15 homes and rentals and did a lot of the fixing up myself.  I am now doing Handyman work for one rental agent with 90 properties and “make-ready” and repairs for a number of real estate agents.  It was the handyman jobs to make ends meet until COVID was over.  Well, it is over for me and I need to get on with another career.  I want to be a real estate appraiser. I am through part of the courses.  I hope you can introduce me to someone taking on trainees.

Brianne Visconti
Phone: 970-581-0406
E-mail: brianne.visconti@yahoo.com
City: Eaton

Born and raised in Loveland, I have spent my whole life on the Northern Frontrange and now reside in Eaton, Go Reds! I obtained a Real Estate license right after highschool and worked as a Licensed Realtor for a few years. I then graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology and Minor in History. Coincidentally, most of my professional career has been in the Oil & Gas industry. I started out working at a small Operator and was able to learn and observe many different perspectives of this dynamic industry. From permitting, to production analysis, to regulatory tracking I gained a lot of knowledge and a plethora of different skills that will help me be successful in this next chapter. I learned how to be efficient, without losing sight of the details, I am comfortable with many different computer programs and am able to master new technology quickly. I am confident working with all types of personalities and am an effective communicator. I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment and learning as much as I can along the way. I always loved Real Estate and since obtaining my Realtor’s license at the age 18, have always been looking for a way back into the field, and Appraisals seemed like the perfect fit. I recently completed the 150 credit hours, through the Appraisal Institute, needed to procure a license. I am now hoping to find a compelling role where I can learn and grow in the Appraisal industry, and continue to progress towards my goal of becoming a Licensed Appraiser.

John Steers
Phone: 720-339-3936
E-mail: steers18@gmail.com
Location: Denver
Bio: My name is John Steers and I am looking for a mentor to help me in my pursuit of becoming a licensed real estate appraiser. I have worked in a variety of rolls within the real estate industry and love real estate. I am looking to become an appraiser for many reasons, not the least of which is the autonomy to exercise some of my core values at work. I am a big believer in building a good foundation, doing things the right way and being detail oriented. My goal is to obtain the necessary knowledge and experience to not only secure an appraisal license, but become a real asset to my mentor.
I grew up in Vermont and moved to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have lived in the City Park area of Denver for about twenty years minus a few years in the Vail Valley. I have completed the initial 75 hours of qualifying appraisal class work and am anxious to begin gaining the practical experience necessary to become a licensed appraiser. I hope that when you decide to take on a trainee that you will find my resume interesting enough to warrant a face-to-face meeting. Thank You.
Jim Adrian
Phone: 303.941.6913
Location: Loveland
Bio: I am Jim Adrian and I believe what sets me apart from most candidates and prepares me to help you, is an extensive business development expertise that could help you grow your business and become more profitable.  This ability, combined with moral character, personal integrity and good interpersonal skills creates a great opportunity for us to help each other.  I have a proven track-record with Fortune 500 leaders such as General Mills, Kraft Foods and Molson Coors as well as small start-ups.  I am seeking a career change that allows me to use my skills locally while providing flexibility for my wife and I to raise our boys (7 & 11).

I earned an MBA in Marketing Strategy and I am an analytical problem solver with expertise in: Statistics, Financial Analysis, Problem Solving, Sales Leadership, Customer Development, Business Strategy, Communications and Software applications.  I have experience with real-estate properties from buying / selling and rentals.  I am making great progress with the training so ready for practical application.  I enjoy working with others to drive success and am able to deal with challenging situations.

If my background is interesting to you, I would appreciate an opportunity to have a call or ride along on an inspection to discuss how I may be able to help you achieve your goals.

Donald Shattuck

Phone: 303-720-1013

Email: xlawv@outlook.com

Location: Castle Pines
Bio:  Being a certified residential appraiser is a second career.  I am a graduate of Ft. Lewis College (BS Biological Sciences), and the University of Colorado Boulder (BS Chemical Engineering).  For 10 years of my engineering career, I was an environmental, health, and safety auditor for one of the largest electric utilities in Arizona.  So what?  This job taught me many skills that are needed as an appraiser.  One, be critical in what you observe.  Two, be able to present bad news in a favorable light.  Three, be able to write a thorough report concisely with proper grammar and spelling.  I have completed all 10 courses (200 hours) from McKissock for being a certified residential appraiser.  I don’t know if it is important, but I did not have to repeat any of the course final exams, past all on the first try.  I am looking for one or more individuals that I can ride along with or be mentored by to get my required 1,500 hours.  I am available to meet for coffee, breakfast, or lunch for a meet and greet.  Ideally, I would like to work with multiple appraisers for two reasons.  Each appraiser would have their own approach, and two, having multiple mentors does not overburden a mentor.
Sulaiman Abu-Ghosh
Phone: 303 720 6179
Bio: I moved to Colorado from Kuwait in 1993, and after going to school in Boulder, started my career in IT, before moving into tech/construction project management. In 2009, I was presented with an opportunity to become a UN arbitrator in the Middle East, where I ended up as a military contractor for a number of years. Coming back to beautiful Colorado in 2015, I returned to construction project management (one of my pride projects being the Schomp Honda/Mini buildings in Highlands Ranch), but started wanting to find a career path that aligned with how my mind worked. I started The Art Of The Gent project to teach folks in both under served communities and those wanting to generally improve their lives and well being how to both conduct and present themselves in ways that are both intentional and authentic to themselves. I currently work as a property inspector for All County, paying for my Appraiser education, and wanted to find a mentor in the field to complete my requirement hours so that I can move onto serving my community in this industry.
Jeremy Weinbach
Phone: 720-560-8457
Email: jsweinbach@hotmail.com
Location: Centennial

Bio: My name is Jeremy Weinbach and am currently trying to complete the practical experience requirements needed to be a licensed real estate appraiser in the state of Colorado.  So far, I have truly enjoyed the coursework and look forward to using this information during my field work.

Since 1997, I have been an orthodontic technician.  For the past twelve years, the fabrication of orthodontic appliances (retainers, expanders, etc.,) has been my emphasis.  Throughout my career, I have been asked to train employees in various clinical procedures, and currently have an apprentice that is training to be a laboratory technician.  Because of these experiences, I have a solid understanding of the dedication and patience needed to teach a trade to a trainee.  If I am chosen to be your trainee, I will value the time and effort you are giving to help me on my new career path.

I would guess that one of the factors in choosing to take on a trainee is can you tolerate to be around this person for several hours at a time?  So, here is a little about me:  I am a single parent to a fourteen year old boy.  We enjoy spending time outside with our dog Gypsy Danger and exploring this beautiful state.  Though I am in my mid-forties, I still describe myself as an “Air Force Brat” and cherish military service.  Though I never served, I was an EMT and volunteer firefighter, and may have pursued a career as a firefighter had an old shoulder injury not gotten in the way.

Thank you for reviewing my profile.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via phone, text, or Email.

Christopher Shoptaugh
Phone: 719-661-0696
Email: cwshoptaugh@hotmail.com
Address: Denver, CO

Bio: I am a fourth generation Colorado native currently living in Denver. I am pursuing a career in real estate appraisals and am looking for a mentor to shadow and help me get all the hours I need to become an appraiser. Before I moved to Denver, I graduated from Fort Lewis College and soon became a certified home inspector. I held this position for eight years in Colorado Springs. I have since finished more than half of my appraisal classes and will continue classes while shadowing. I am more than willing to train for no fee and willing to travel anywhere in Northern Colorado.

It is important you know that I have years of experience inspecting hundreds of homes, working with real estate agents, clients, and writing detailed reports. I learned how to pay attention to detail for all aspects of a house and its property. I am a dedicated worker and would be a great asset to your company. If you are interested in allowing me to shadow you, I’d love to set up a time to meet and discussing a trainee position.

For your convenience some highlights of my work experience
• AT&T- Sales representative 2020-2021
• Home Inspector- NACHI Certified home inspector 2012-2020
• Verizon- Sales representative 2015-2017

Annett Lucht

Phone: 720-660-2644

Email: NettyinCO@hotmail.com

City: Commerce City

Bio: My name is Annett, but unless I’m in trouble friends and family call me Netty.

I was born and raised in Germany (near Dresden) where I studied to become Pre-School Teacher. In ’99 I came to this country as an Au Pair. Fast forward 22 years, I’m still here. I’m a dual citizen and speak fluently English and German.

Becoming a Residential Appraiser is a big career shift. Most of my life I have worked with children (in private homes) or animals (at the zoo, vet office and my own pet sitting / dog training business).

I had a very successful business from 2009 to 2018, working with up to 13 contractors, servicing 450+ clients and their pet needs. In July 2018 I sold my business and moved up north. I still do a little pet sitting when time allows.

I have always been interested in the fluid real estate market. Its influences and effects, its building styles and history. When Covid forced us all to slow down a little I decided to sign up with McKissock and take the 150-hour courses to become a Licensed Residential Appraiser, instead of watching everything Netflix has to offer. I have completed my courses and passed the tests. I’m now hoping to find an Appraiser that can show me the ropes when it comes to actually doing the appraisal.

I have a good head on my shoulder, get along with everybody, like to learn new things and be a problem solver. I’m very excited to continue in this education and hope to be your apprentice very soon.

Tom Browning

Phone: 720-289-1264

Email: tomwbrowning67@gmail.com

Bio: My name is Tom Browning, and I’m a Colorado native seeking an opportunity for a ride along which could lead to trainee hours as I work hard towards obtaining my appraiser license. I’ve completed all 150 hours and passed all exams from the McKissock appraisal education program. Those who know me well would say that I’m very kind, a good listener, an avid learner, and a highly responsible/reliable person. I have a bachelor of science degree with an emphasis in hydraulics, and a master’s degree in business administration. My career first began in water supply, water rights, and floodplain management. Along the way I developed a passion for real estate, so I obtained my broker’s license in 2004 to fuel my own transactions and assist friends and family. I’m very comfortable with a variety of PC and Apple based computer programs and applications, and have even designed and constructed two homes as a general contractor. I have an active subscription to the MLS (REColorado Matrix) and have measured homes, taken plenty of exterior/interior photos, completed property research using many public web-based sources, and produced a number of comparative market analyses for clients as a valuation service related to my real estate practice. It would be an honor to serve and support the appraisal industry as I earn my way towards licensing status. How can I help you? I’d be more than happy to take you out to lunch for an initial conversation to see if our personalities are a good fit. Even though I’ve been very successful throughout the years, I’m excited for this career change and definitely not above working some free hours to support your goals and needs. I’m humble and honest. My two daughters are the highlight of my life. I love world travel, hiking, volunteering, photography, and time spent with loved ones. Thanks so much for your thoughtful consideration.

Brady Baca

Phone: 720-862-5208

Email: bradybaca92@gmail.com

Address: Centennial/Aurora

Bio: My name is Brady Baca. I am a Centennial/Aurora resident. I have been a broker associate for three years so I am very familiar with the real estate market in the Denver Metro Area and surrounding areas. I have an MLS subscription and I am very familiar with navigating the MLS and all of its tools. Before becoming a broker associate, I was employed at Land Title Company as a processor. This experience gave me the skills to input data accurately while learning all of the aspects of a real estate transaction. Additionally, I have completed 75 hours of study for my appraisal license. I have been working with a trainer and have logged close to 400 hours of experience. This includes the interior and exterior inspection, taking photos, measuring the property and sketching it, choosing comparables, researching and gathering data from the county and zoning websites, and completing the URAR form from start to finish. I am a quick learner and a hard worker. I am hoping to find a trainer to help me complete my experience hours and to guide me to becoming a licensed appraiser. I greatly appreciate your consideration.

Liz Strawser

Phone: 970-214-3231

Email: liz.strawser@gmail.com

Address: Windsor

Bio: My name is Liz Strawser and I am ready to start getting real-world appraisal experience. I graduated Spring 2020 from Colorado State University-Global Campus with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and recently completed the first 75 hours of qualifying education for my appraisal license. My interest in appraisal developed as a result of my passion for the outdoors and agriculture. Although my end goal is to pursue ag and rural property appraisal, I am excited to start gaining residential appraisal experience for my initial license. I am a great self-starter, proficient at managing my time, enjoy organizing, and pay acute attention to detail. With that said, I can also help with administrative tasks. Currently, I am training with a company taking measurements and developing floor plans for residential properties. With my combined skills, knowledge, and desire to learn, I have the potential to provide significant value. I live in Windsor, CO, so Loveland, Ft. Collins, Greeley, Johnstown, and other surrounding areas are easy commutes

Dillon Garcia

Phone: 303-968-4318

Email: Dillongarcia4@gmail.com

Address: Denver

Bio: Hello, My name is Dillon Garcia. I was raised in Aurora, Colorado and I have a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. I attended Northern Colorado University to begin my college career in 2014 and graduated from Colorado Mesa University in 2018. After college I moved to Tampa, Florida with my wife (girlfriend at the time). While in Florida I worked for amazon delivering packages, and I also worked at Dicks Sporting Goods in the golf section. After living in Florida for a year my wife and we decided to pack up and move back to Colorado because we missed home and I also had an opportunity to do insurance inspections with CIS Group. After doing inspections for a couple months I decided to follow my mothers footsteps and pursue a career in real estate appraising. My mom has owned an appraisal company in the Denver metro area for 19 years, and is a certified appraiser in Colorado and Florida. She now lives primarily in Florida but was able to get me started with training experience of 500 hours. I want to continue my training experience, which is why I am reaching out in pursuit of a full time trainer. I have completed 75 hours of Appraisal course work through Mckissock. Courses completed are Basic Appraisal Principles, Basic Appraisal Procedures, and National USPAP. I am proficient with Total a la mode, REColorado, Titan Analytics, and Mobile sketching. Through my experience training I have become up to date on all new technology with appraisal software to include, mobile appraising, laser measurements, and I have also become geographically competent in the Denver Metro area. I am very eager to further my knowledge in appraisal practices, and become a licensed appraiser. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Dan Fox

Phone: 858-602-6265

Email: Daniel.reuben.fox@gmail.com

Address: Westminster/Broomfield area (willing to travel)

Bio: Hello and thank you for considering me as a trainee to your appraisal business. In my former career I led marketing departments for small to medium businesses directing their new product development and branding strategies. While I was successful in my previous role, the long days and lack of work/life balance quickly became unsustainable. I am fortunate though, because many of the same skills that I used in my previous career directly translate to real property appraisal: For example: market analysis, competitive analysis, consumer analysis, financial analysis and valuing products comes naturally since it was part of my everyday role. I have earned my MBA and Masters in Marketing from the University of Colorado Denver and have a Bachelors in Economics from the University of California San Diego. I have also completed the coursework required for the Colorado Licensed Appraiser certification. My education was well rounded and has left me with a great understanding of customer and investor motivations as well as a solid understanding of advanced statistics and qualitative and quantitative research techniques. I like to think that I am a nice person who is pleasant to be around. I try hard and feel as if I am a fast learner. I try to be humble and respectful to everyone, but especially the people who are trying to help me out. I am looking for someone who can take me under their wing and show me the ropes of the appraisal business and help me gain the 1000 hours of experience required for the CO Licensed Appraiser certification. If you are looking to take on an appraisal trainee, I would greatly appreciate your consideration. I am available to start immediately.

Michael Peacock

Phone: 720-503-2085

Email: appraisals@bluestemrealty.com

Address: Highlands Ranch

Bio: I am a Highlands Ranch resident, and I have lived in the southwest area of Denver for almost 12 yrs. I have a degree in Finance from the University of North Texas, and my background is in financial planning. I have been a broker associate for three years now, so I am very familiar with the MLS. Additionally, I have completed my 150 hours of study for my appraisal license as well as ~100 hours of field work. I have completed reports from the initial research, loading reports, measuring, photographs, comp photos and drafting complete reports for review by my mentor. I have a subscription to A La Mode, and I am able to navigate the program fairly well. I am looking to gain additional experience so I can obtain my license. I have a 15 yr. old son who is a sophomore at Thunder Ridge high school, and time with him is a significant driver for why I do what I do. I appreciate your consideration for taking me on as a trainee, and I am happy to go on a ride along so you have an opportunity to get to know me and my professionalism.

Felicity Brace

Phone: 303-859-9665

email: felicity_brace@yahoo.com
Address: Westminster

Bio: I have a computer engineering degree and an MBA. I have several years experience as an avionics engineer working for an aircraft company in California. I moved to Westminster in 1995 and worked in software development and project management. I took time off to raise my two daughters and am looking to change careers. I completed the courses required for the licensed appraiser level. I worked under a trainer and have 500 hours of appraisal experience. During my training, I worked on all aspects of the appraisal, including the inspection, measuring the property, choosing comparables, and writing the report. I am looking for a trainer to finish my experience hours.

Antonio M. Carvalho Sr

Phone: 303-880-2924

email: Tonynac46@gmail.com

Address: Littleton

Bio: My name is Antonio M. Carvalho Sr, better known as Tony. I am looking for a ride-along with an Appraiser. I am a Navy veteran, college graduate, soon to be retired Deputy Sheriff and father of three grown children. Employed with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office since July 2006, I will retire with the rank of Sergeant in June 2021. Prior to becoming a law enforcement officer, I served in the United States Navy from 1983-2003 and retired as a Chief (E-7). In both careers, I have served in highly visible units and challenging roles, specifically recruitment, Public Information Officer, Community Connections, School Resource Officer, H-46 Search and Rescue, TopGun, and the Blue Angels. Along with life lessons and law enforcement experience to offer, I have the unique perspective of understanding diverse communities. I am dedicated to taking on new challenges and continuous self-improvement. In my life, I have lived by that which I learned in the Navy, Honor, Courage, and Commitment. I am finishing a master’s degree from Regis University this fall. I am not afraid to make mistakes (as that is our best teacher), and I always strive to be confident, honest, and humble. I bring maturity, well-rounded customer service skills, the ability to communicate well with diverse groups. I have taken the McKissock Appraisal 150-hour Course. Look forward to an opportunity to meet other professionals in the appraisal profession.

Chris Stell

Phone: 719-306-2645


Colorado Springs (willing to travel along the Front Range)

Bio: My name is Chris Stell, and I am looking for a licensed Appraiser willing to take on a Trainee. I am working to get into the real estate industry via appraising and investing. I am a degreed Civil Engineer from Colorado School of Mines, and will be starting my MBA with Real Estate Specialization from Florida State University this fall. Currently, I work as a practicing engineer serving in roles from design to project management. Various responsibilities in these positions have included measuring existing site conditions, pulling, reviewing, and drawing on/with maps, filing documents with municipal authorities, and researching historical data on project sites. These responsibilities will align perfectly with some of the responsibilities of appraising properties. I am also an Engineer Officer in the Army Reserves, just returned home from deployment to the Middle East. My responsibilities on this deployment were similar to those previously mentioned. I am 2 courses away from completing my Licensed Residential education; I anticipate being complete with these courses by the end of June 2021. I have lived in Colorado Springs for 15 years and have no intention of moving. I am very familiar with the growth patterns in Colorado Springs specifically, and the Front Range in general. I intend to stay in Colorado for the long-term future and wish to be a part of its development. I look forward to working with you in the near future. I am available by phone or email at your convenience.

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